Why finance with New Build?

More clients are now choosing to finance with New Build. Many go for this option for the convenience of a fully managed finance, and the convenience of no mortgage repayments until move-in. A huge number of these clients have a lower deposit, or have been turned down by their bank because they can’t afford the build process. If you fall under these categories, New Build could be the finance option for you.

New Build are the experts in residential construction finance in New Zealand.

We, here at Advanced Homes, strive to help you build with less stress. The right finance, suited to you, will do just that.

Building a home is rewarding and exciting. It’s also a little scary. When deciding to build, you need to make sure everyone you work with is on your side, helping you through the process. New Build is a resource you can rely on to not only secure a loan, but manage all aspects of the construction finance, and your home loan upon completion (our construction loan automatically turns into your home loan on completion).

New Build can reduce the risk, and stress that comes along with it, by acting as your ‘building finance project managers’ – from loan application to hand-over. Many forget how important finance can be for a successful build. Get your finance right, and your build can become one of the best experiences you’ll ever have.

So what should you do first? As soon as you’ve decided a home build is an option, you need to get your finance sorted. Don’t buy your toys until you know how big your sandpit is. In other words, find out what you can afford, and how the finance will work for you, before you start committing to the build.

The Building Triangle

You are the top of the building triangle, and the other two corners are your lender and builder. For your building project to run smoothly, communication between all three parties is critical. In most cases, not all parties talk to each other, leaving you to fight the different expectations between your builder and your lender. New Build resolves this by ensuring the builder and lender work closely together to make your build far more enjoyable.